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Refugee Assistance Partners NJ website: https://www.RefugeeAssistancePartnersNJ.org/

Welcome Home Jersey City (donate money, jobs for refugees, volunteer, link to main website): https://linktr.ee/WelcomeHomeJerseyCity

Cornerstone Counseling (Islamic faith-based counseling and emotional wellness programs): https://www.cornercounseling.com/

GERA (Global Emergency Response and Assistance), connected to joint base officials at McGuire/Ft. Dix/Lakehurst: https://www.gera-ngo.org

Afghan American Foundation (cultural and helping info): https://www.afghanamericans.org

IRC interest form (volunteering, translating, local $ donation): https://forms.office.com/r/Dcp7D8iVcj

Church World Service-Jersey City: https://cwsjerseycity.org/

Hosting evacuees temporarily: Airbnb’s Open Homes program: https://www.airbnb.org/refugees

Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI): (detailed new info about community sponsorship; RAP volunteer training is adapted from GRSI modules): https://refugeesponsorship.org/

RAMP Resources

Promote RAMP with an elevator pitch (PDF file)
RAMP Flyer (PDF file)
RAMP Presentation (PDF file)

Refugee Resources

Know Your Rights as a Refugee in the US (PDF file)
Refugee Resettlement: A Core Humanitarian Value (PDF file)
Refugees are No Different From Us
Church World Service
International Rescue Committee
United Nations Refugee Agency

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Syrian Refugees Not Security Threat
Six-year-old Boy Asks President Obama to Help Him Adopt Syrian Ambulance Boy
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Our immigrants, our strength
As immigration crackdown intensifies, churches embrace refugees

Humanitarian Websites

Humans of New York

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